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We offer these amazing services and have over 30 years experience in the lending and insurance business



Wow, I have never had an easier time processing a loan then with Troy and his team.  He was always one step ahead and knew exactly what was needed and when.  It is so great to have a loan officer that is honest and easy to work with.  This is my second loan with him.  The first was probably pretty simple for him  but the second we did a construction loan that was turned into a SBA loan and conventional loan so it was much more complex.  I appreciated a lot the fact that Troy was always easy to reach and get the answers that I needed.   I would highly recommend this group to anyone.  Thanks to them for all their help in this project.

Linda Lindeman, Owner, Naag Tag Inc

Not only does Troy and his staff excel in education, training, and quest for knowledge, but they also have always stood for what is right and true, even if it was not the popular stand. Their company and personal integrity and honesty are refreshing to observe and a tribute to the nature and culture that exists within First Capital Commercial.

Mark Hampton, President / CEO, Rimrock

Troy was very patient with us. He was very good at explaining things and very detailed oriented. He and his crew did an excellent job.

Brenda Hungmany, Owner, Mekong Cafe

First Capital Commercial has helped me achieve my growth and financial goals. I’ve used other lenders for both SBA and Conventional loans and there is no comparison as to how smooth, efficient, and simple First Capital Commercial makes navigating through the commercial lending world. After more than a dozen transactions I’ve done with First Capital Commercial I highly recommend them to any business owner who is ready to own their real estate. With competitive interest rates, low fees, high LTVs, and above all a streamlined process that saves me time so I can focus on growing my organization.   First Capital Commercial has been an integral part of our success.

Spencer S, Owner, Smith Group Inc

Troy and his staff are top-notch! They have the ability to get loans done, with better terms, than other avenues for lending. If you’re looking for a commercial loan, you owe it to yourself to talk to these guys!

Brett Bailey, Cofounder, BestShred